MoBand. Concert in the Park. These words mean more than just a way to spend a Thursday night. In a ritual that has been happening for 98 years, Mo Band is one thing that makes our area unique.

Mancini Bowl

Mancini Bowl

Formed in 1919 by Prof. W.W. Higgins, Mo Band was originally made up of eleven boys. In 1921, Frank “Proof” Mancini took the helm as the band’s director when Higgins passed away. “Proof” (pronounced “Prof”) grew the band and helped it gain national attention. Over time, the band evolved to include residents of Stanislaus County as well as women. The official name is the Modesto Band of Stanislaus County – but most of us know it as Mo Band.

What makes Mo Band unique is that it is made up of volunteer community members gathering together to share a love of music, community, friends, family – and food. The Mo Band organization is run by a volunteer board along with four paid positions.

Who can’t feel the pride when listening to the patriotic music of the July 4th program? Many of us “natives” probably remember marching to the beat of a John Phillips Souza piece. Rolling down the grass behind the amphitheater and playing just below the stage. Combine that with great food, sno-cones, friends, and family – and you’ve got one of the best community experiences around.

Concerts begin at 8pm each Thursday through July 13th.  To see the 2017 Mo Band schedule, please visit:

We hope we’ll see you there!